We watch the movies that were panned by critics and audiences alike and attempt to find even the slightest glimpse of competent filmmaking hidden deep within them. Some films, it’s easy. They could be blockbusters with the biggest names in them, but the story was unintelligible. Others had no budget, so they relied on locals instead of paid actors. Whatever the case, whether the case, there are too many moving parts to count a whole film out because of one or two things. We look for those quality parts inside the rustiest clunkers.



We love movies. Great movies, good movies, okay movies, and even TERRIBLE movies. Why? We know it takes a lot to get a film made. From the sheer number of people involved to the amount of money even the most indie of films require, a lot can go wrong. We’ve been there. We’ve worked on projects that, despite us doing our jobs well, the film or video project did not turn out the way anyone planned. We could have either Alan Smithee’d it, or hoped audiences overlooked the faults to notice the amazing work we put into it. Unfortunately, the latter happens far less often than we’d like. We decided to change that! Enter: It’s Too Bad!



It’s Too Bad was created by Jason Frerking and Ted Hemeyer, friends since film school who share a love for disastrous cinema. Ted and Jason were co-creators of TJ Weekly, an early (pre-YouTube) web series that created 20 weekly episodes over two seasons, including their viral (though modest by today’s standards) hit “Peelz“, a parody of Nelly’s “Grillz” in 2006. The next year, they helped form The Junk Drawer with friends and TJ Weekly regulars. Numerous projects and years later, they’ve come together again to bring you It’s Too Bad.

Jason works in film and video production and has directed many acclaimed short films and music videos. His work can be seen at JasonFrerking.com.  Jason lives in Orange County, CA with his wife and two daughters.

Ted teaches cinema to the next generation of film lovers and frequents local Disney parks on a regular basis. Those trips are documented on his Instagram account for TheBigDLand. Ted lives in Murrieta, CA with his wife.